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art studio addition in oakland hills  Addition to the existing house in Montclair District in Oakland hills. The client – renowned artist was in need for large well lit studio. The existing bedroom on second floor was demolished and new much larger and taller addition was erected. The new part was designed to contrast existing house – hence different materials and finishes were used – yellowish integral pigment stucco with aluminum reveals and aluminum frame windows and doors. The new balustrades were done with galvanized steel posts and stainless steel wires and new steel exterior stair was added to create easy access for large artworks. The roof over new building was designed as half-barrel with multiple skylights and extremely durable galvalume standing seam covering.

The structural support inside was intentionally emphasize by custom black steel truss, which completes modern and almost industrial look of new details. All new elements were integrated into existing redwood covered house with new details dispersed and connecting visually two intentionally distinct parts.

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